Many times it does happen, you say why? Why I am not happy? You have not got promotion…you are not happy justified… but you got the promotion and still you are not happy…????

You are an evening out with your friends, happy but not to the heaven’s happiness. This question stuck my mind many times. And then I started analysing the situations. Sometimes it was mere the effect of tiredness but while other times it indeed confused me more. That to the same situation why my happiness was different. It was like a scolded baby was given chocolate. It could decrease his crying but could not make him happiest unlike when a chocolate given to happy baby.

Like a pendulum the happiness as an outcome was never stable. At one pole it was deep pleasure, while at other it was annoying.

  Sometimes it happened that the work I was doing accomplished at the first instance while at others it seems a tiring pass through. Anything that we do is directly or indirectly related to our satisfaction. Satisfaction to the immense is the very cause of true happiness. There were many things going parallel into my mind. I started digging the facts.

The very need is satisfaction. Satisfaction is outcome of happiness. Happiness is outcome of accomplished work. Work requires energy. And then my equation was blocked.

So it was now the kind of energy that was affecting the end results. And then my childhood science teacher with big glasses on her face came in front of my eyes saying don’t you remember-  “the ability of a system to perform work is called energy.” So now my equation took me to another level that is ability concluding my satisfaction and happiness are the result of my own ability.

  But it gave the generation to another question that as an individual my ability is already defined than why my outcome is variant?

So again I was on energy. The kind and type of energy I am giving to any work is directly affecting to the results.

Of course positive energy was giving positive outcomes and the vice-versa.

But the point to concentrate was degree of energy. So whenever I was finishing any work I started observing the energy levels involved in it. And then I observed that the energy that I was giving to any activity was coming behind from a source. Soul is the highest form of energy in this entire universe. Now whenever we are working the physical involvement is of body and brain. But the zest to finish the work is coming from inside that is soul. So now if the soul is disturbed the energy supplying to your body and brain is not hundred percent efficient. And that is causing the variations in end results.

Soul is the most sensitive part of your existence.  Even small things can disturb it. You had any kind of fight with your spouse; the effect is on the office work. You got an increment but a bad dream of night is not taking your happiness to that level. Sometimes you know and you called it your mood is not good but while on others you don’t even realize the root reason. The later example of bad dream may keep your brain untouched but it can impact on your soul.

Now the point was how to deal with it? Often the solution goes parallel with the problem. And same was the case here. Keeping soul away from any negativity was the first thing that I made change. Stopped listening to non-sense news channels, avoiding discussions of evils of any individual, banned unnecessary judging others walk- these small changes created huge difference. I started feeling more joyful.

Taking it on to the next level I thought I should start nourishing my soul. I started taking time for it. Involved myself into my childhood hobbies that were left far behind. It can be anything for you – yoga, exercise, reading, meditation, sports, music, writing anything. It really matters.

See the reason why I gone through this entire process is a belief that it’s a right of every soul to remain happiest to fullest. Many people work on the principal that keeping your brain and body fit. But the logic is simple and straight forward, you keep your soul in its happiest form, and the rest will be automatically channelized. The simplified soul gives the ultimate form of energy that channelizes the every work flawless. And this energy at its 100 percent efficient level. I called it as Wow Energy.

Once you managed to bring the purity of your soul, untouched from worldly affairs, generation of wow energy will be automatic.

This wow energy will make your life wow.

See you soon!

Till than keep remembering- Heaven’s Happiness is your right and flawless work your ultimate satisfaction.

Mishthi Arun


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