#Powerful Revenge….

We all have been grown listening that revenge is for evils. If somebody doing wrong, time will pay off. Self- defence is ok… but revenge is just not ok…

Before I continue I would actually like to discuss about what actually the revenge is?

It is a powerful desire to put other in a situation of sufferings because at one time you suffered. And behind any powerful desire there is an immense power. Power to cultivate the desire.

And we all know the theory of cultivation…you sow and you reap. You got sufferings…you gave so…in return you again gave sufferings… and the cycle goes on.

It’s indeed genuine that –

“While seeking revenge; dig two graves- one for yourself”.

You actually get so occupied and exhausted with the other’s destruction that you forget your own construction.

But again if somebody is constantly harassing you, you cannot leave him completely, neither for your good nor for the world to be better place.  

Thus there are four important points where revenge can be summarized-

  1.  Powerful desire
  2. Endless cycle of retaliation
  3. Wasting time
  4. Making world a better place

Coming on to practical aspects three questions-

Who would have been at the loss?

  1. If flawless beauty Rekha would have involved in the wordy arguments when she was told fat and ugly at her debut in bollywood?
  2. When M.S  Dhoni was told to stop dreaming about carrier in cricket and concentrate on the job of ticket checker?
  3. If Abraham Lincon would have agreed with the panel for quitting his name for president elections after defeating four times?

The answer come straight way- the sufferer would have been at the greater loss than before, instead of a teaser.

But these smart sufferers instead of concentrating on the teasers, concentrated on the issue for which they have been teased.

Rekha did immense work on his beauty regimes- figure, complexion, looks, personality development, walking, talking and what not?  And with constant efforts – she turned herself into a true diva. And the mouth of teasers which was earlier filled with garbage were praising and regretting.  And this I called as a POWERFUL REVENGE.  Revenge should serve as a cold dish. You need, walk on long roads before you take powerful revenge.

Do take revenge, whenever it is possible, but powerful revenge. Two purpose will be solved your growth that is most important and a lifelong lesson for those who dared to teased you and ultimately making world a better place.

 Self guilt is the best punishment you can give to anybody. And in fact when you succeed in your mission don’t utter a single word about past to them. Just pass on. Think positive it was them who motivated you in anyways. This thought will ease you most. Don’t keep your wounds green.

Bye for now!  See you soon.

Till them keep taking revenge but the powerful one….

Mishthi Arun


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