#Magnifying Glasses

Recently two things happened with me simultaneously. At one end one of close one reacted in an absurd way .I was totally confused how to react? At first I argued with him, but as the discussion became hot, I left the topic thinking that not all people can understand all the things. Though leaving the topic at the same moment was my choice, but still it was in my mind for a long time.

But a couple of days after, my little doll and I were talking. She asked me what a magnifying glass is.

I started explaining her but soon my inner thoughts started correlating the two situations. Does nature provides us any kind of such glasses. Are we able to see anything beyond situations?

There are various factors associated with every moment we live. Reaction on any situation consists of much more ingredients than we actually think. Previous un-associated frustrations (because of other reasons), health hazards, mood, temperature, surroundings, traffic jams, involvement in other thoughts at the same time, in-sufficient sleep (which is very usual)…… all have impact on it. But unfortunately these factors need magnifying glasses to analyse. But wearing these magnifying glasses is not always easy. You need to continuously train your brain and heart for being calm and patient. Understanding every time, is indeed much more frustrating. It’s like absorbing other person’s frustrations and relieving them in ease, the same way shock-ups do for bike.

There is one thought that can always help you to wear your magnifying glasses i.e. to remember the reaction of any person is on the situation not on you. Please bold it “on situation not on you”. It is on the situations of which the person is actually annoyed.

This reminds me a very common but beautiful small story…

One day in an office a boss scolded his employee for no peculiar reason. The honest and sincere employee was frustrated and when went home shaded all the frustration on his wife. The wife who was busy whole day in making delicious food for him was even more frustrated and shed her temperament on the child. The helpless child when went out took out a stone and throws it on to a dog. The dog ran away and bitted the same boss while he was getting into his car.

Actually everybody among us is doing the same. We are just passing our frustrations on others and which is again coming back to us with even more intensity.

So next time when you find any of your loved one imparting his frustration on you…just relax…let him finish and this way you will be bringing him or her to original of them without any negatives. Just give him or her shock-up therapy. And anyways this is a better solution than being bitten by a dog one day.

Bye for now

See you soon……

Till then try wearing magnifying glasses…

Mishthi Arun

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