#Drop the Dead Leaves……..

Few days before my eyes came across a quotation but it actually hammered my head well. It was-

“Be like a tree- Drop the dead leaves.”

Although it’s quiet a common convinces that one must move on leaving past behind, how-ever critical it was. But being like a tree influenced me a lot. A hard rock structure that have immense potential to generate a new life that is the softest creation of the world…..what a unique and rare combination.

Shading the dead drop leaves and giving the space to new buds is the strongest decision anyone can make in his or her life. Honestly we all do that but doing it without regrets and with acceptance is a great learning I made with this thought. The tree after autumn is again blossomed in spring with no traces of past. In fact if you observe you will find it more strength and with more capacity to flourish year after year. If you have made your past gone that is the half done. Next step is to be free from any guilt or any regrets. And that is the actual blossom you deserve. Logic is simple-if leaves are the situations roots are you. A strong root can affect the health or performance of leaves but vice-versa is not acceptable.

Often we leave on time to make our mind stable. And that indeed is fair. It’s not like ‘cut it’ and moving onto ‘next shot’. But the thought to mould is that guilt and regrets are kind of punishment that one can give himself or herself. In fact I strongly want to communicate that they are the outcomes of taking worthy path ahead in life. They come only when we realize our wrong moves otherwise there is no end to the dark path. And once you realized what is the most suited, you changed the path, it’s over. 

See you soon!

Till then keep greening….

Mishthi Arun.


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