Changing equations

Changing equations

If life is a theorem than certainly all its situations are equations. We have all types of people around us. Sometimes I really think if individuals could be represented by numbers than someone would look like minus (-) 21 while other an optimistic person as plus (+) 31. And all the saints like neutral zero (0). Somebody saying you –Hi! I am minus 9. Or imagine you ask somebody simple question like-‘how are you?’ and he with snotty way replies-‘Minus 3 for you while Plus 5 for your wife. Funny isn’t it?

Of course! Both optimistic and pessimistic are equally important. They both serve equally in the growth of world. If the optimistic invented the aeroplane, the pessimistic created the parachute. Both things make each other utility even stronger.

The point which I need to discuss here is even if you find somebody negative for you; you please don’t change your attitude towards him or her. You just be you the positive one and check how long they can be negative?

One of my friend always use to complain that her mother- in -law never brings anything for her. Although she use to buy things for his husband and his son. What I suggested her was beyond her expectation. I asked her whenever you are going out-of –station or for shopping, you bring two things for her instead one. And she actually did that for couple of times. After five-six times, to her surprise, now her mother-in-law also started bringing gifts for her.

Now if you analyse the situation you will find she has changed the equation instead of changing her attitude towards her mother-in-law. On the contrary if she would have changed her attitude, things would have been worst.

Often when somebody shows any negative reaction or negative face to us, we very soon react in the same manner. Rather with more intensity. And the never ending negative cycle goes on with acceleration. Ultimately that disturbs us also.

While reacting opposite from expected is a full stop to the negative cycle.

There is one more point important to this context. Once you have changed the equation, forget the past at the same moment. Don’t show even a dam attitude that you have changed the situation, things will be reversed and this time with more negativity. The very goal of you is spreading positivity in your own life which you deserve most. Just enjoy the present positive change throughout your life.

Have a nice day. See you soon. Till then keep changing the equations…..

Mishthi Arun

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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this website wants way more consideration. I’ll in all probability be again to learn far more, thanks for that info.

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